Fuse Contract Furniture

Since 2012 Fuse has been manufacturing bespoke contract furniture and bedroom case goods in the UK to serve the Hotel and Hospitality sector. To increase capacity, in 2019 Fuse moved to new premises in Blackburn and made a significant investment to equip the 30,000sq ft factory with the most up to date wood and upholstery processing equipment.

Fuse also draws on the wider production capabilities of Fired Up’s marble and granite processing plant in Dalton. Working closely with developers and architects Fuse is uniquely positioned to combine with its sister company Corby to offer complete project fulfilment of fixed furniture, case goods and OS&E to the hotel owner or developer with particular emphasis and expertise in guest bedrooms and bathrooms. The use of Fuse’s in-house installation teams helps to ensure a smoother transition to project completion.

In 2023, Fuse launched a range of Acoustic Wall Panels, these quickly transform any indoor space with a contemporary redesign, from offices to living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways.

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